Representing the Homebuyer
Representing the Homebuyer
Greg & Dee Szablewski "Your Buyer Agency Team"
Greg & Dee Szablewski"Your Buyer Agency Team"

Benefits of using a Buyer's Agent


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will ALWAYS advocate only for their Client's position when negotiating with others.


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will ALWAYS maintain confidentiality concerning all of their Client's information unless permitted by their Client to disclose or if required by law or court order.


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will ALWAYS represent their Client in every part of the home buying process, ensuring their interests are protected.


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will ALWAYS help their Client to formulate an offering price.


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will ALWAYS recommend the professional services their Client will need including title companies and inspectors.


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will NEVER list a property for sale.


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will NEVER coerce consent from their Client, but will obey their Client's lawful instructions.


  • Working with an Exclusive Buyer's Agent means you never have to settle for being represented by an intermediary or a Designated Agent and your interests will always be looked out for.


  • An Exclusive Buyer Agent provides 100% buyer representation 100% of the time and always knows they are working for the buyer.


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will ALWAYS place their Client's lawful interest above their own and others in the transaction.


  • There is no additional cost for using an Exclusive Buyer's Agent over any other type of agent. The Exclusive Buyer's Agent is compensated through the transaction in the same fashion as any other cooperating agent who has brought a buyer to the property.


  • When viewing homes, one of the obligations of the Exclusive Buyer's Agent is to go beyond mere disclosure of adverse factors relating to these homes and/or neighborhoods. We will offer advice to the buyer on how these factors may impact upon future resale or relate to the buyer's current needs or desires.


  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent will provide their buyer-client with a market value analysis, prior to their Client making an offer on any particular home, so that their Client will have their agent's professional, written opinion on the value of that home.


  • When drafting offers, counter-offers or engaging in other negotiations, an Exclusive Buyer's Agent must always be focused on loyally advancing the best interests of their Client.


  • Everything that the Exclusive Buyer's Agent does must ALWAYS be geared toward creating the maximum benefit possible, for the buyer client.


  • Because of our role in the transaction, sellers tend to believe that an Exclusive Buyer's Agent is trying to create a disadvantage for them. All we are attempting to do is to provide for our buyer-clients the same type of representation that has always been available to sellers through traditional real estate agents. As an Exclusive Buyer's Agent, we seek to level the playing field for our buyers.


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Your Buyer Agency Team

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Important Tip

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