Representing the Homebuyer
Representing the Homebuyer
Greg & Dee Szablewski "Your Buyer Agency Team"
Greg & Dee Szablewski"Your Buyer Agency Team"


Q: How do you know what I am looking for in a property?

 A: You will tell us. We will do an interview to sort out your needs,
 wants and desires. With this info, we will look up all the properties in
that match as many criteria as possible and email the listings for you to look at.


Q: Will you take me to look at properties?

 A: Yes. We work every day of the week and have access to all MLS properties so we can look at properties at your convenience. Usually a 24 hour notice is preferred by the listing agent and seller, with the exception being vacant properties, which are available to look at anytime.



Q: How are you paid?

 A: We are paid by the listing broker at closing on MLS and foreclosure properties. This means you get all the representation and protections from having a Buyer’s Agent working for you, but the seller has already agreed to pay our fee for services we provide only to you. On F.S.B.O. (For Sale by Owner)  properties, we are paid by the seller at closing. In very rare instances, those in which the FSBO owner refuses to pay our fee, usually 2.4% of the purchase price, we would require you to pay it. But rest assured, we will do everything we can to try and get the seller to
agree to pay our fee. They are already saving 3.6% by doing it themselves and are usually happy to pay a reduced fee in exchange for selling their property.



Q: Can I bring my family to look at listings?

 A: Yes. It can be a long day looking at properties so if children are along we cut back from about 10- 15 a day to about 5, depending on everyone’s individual situation.



Q: Will you help me find a home in a different state?

 A: Yes. We belong to the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents and can refer you to a member within the area you are looking.



Q: Will you help me find a mortgage broker?

 A: Yes. Please remember that getting your financing pre-approved is critical during the home buying process. We will only work with pre-approved buyers. This protects you from potentially losing your earnest money, home inspection and appraisal costs because you couldn’t get financing on a property we wrote an offer on. The law requires us to tell you that you may obtain your mortgage anywhere you like, and we encourage you to shop around for the program that best fits your needs, however, we enjoy a 100% successful closing rate when both the real estate and mortgage sides of your transaction are controlled by us.



Q: What if I want to purchase a "For Sale By Owner” or a “New Construction" or a "Foreclosure property"?

 A: A buyer needs representation on all properties and especially on these 3 types. It is always "Buyer's Beware" and these 3 types of properties can provide additional problems that we will handle at no cost to you.



Q: If the Buyer’s agent usually works on a commission, what is the incentive to save me money when negotiating on my behalf?

 A: Honesty, Integrity and Wisconsin Law. A Buyer’s agent is contractually, legally and ethically bound to promote your best interests during the home buying process. Also the change in the commission would be nominal and to worry about that, an agent would not last long in this business.



Q: How does the buyer agent find out about all the homes that might meet my needs?

 A: Technology, word of mouth, referrals and print media.



Q: I heard that buyer agents want me to sign a contract that would tie me up to only work with them. What if I wanted to work with other agents?

 A: Wisconsin Real Estate Law clearly states that without a Buyer Agency Agreement, an agent is working for the seller. Having a signed agreement protects you as the buyer and me as well. Wisconsin is a "procuring cause" State, which decides who brought the buyer and who gets a fee for services rendered. We do enjoy our work but we also enjoy getting paid.



Q. Can I stop in to open houses that I find while out travelling around?

 A: Certainly. One word of caution though. Most open houses require that you sign in. Please do so but also remember to indicate, both on the sign-up sheet and to the listing agent directly, that you are being represented by a Buyer’s Agent and give them our names. If you don’t do this, you could lose your right to our representation. If you decide you want to work with the listing agent directly, who represents the seller, we will no longer be able to represent you during the process.



Q: Do I really need an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?

 A: Yes, if you want someone looking out for you and protecting your interests.



Q: I've taken the time to educate myself about purchasing real estate. I can protect myself in a real estate transaction as either a customer or a client, so why would I want your services?

 A: Educating yourself is the first step towards successful home ownership. Having done so, you know all the pitfalls that can occur and that is wise to have a no cost advocate.



Q: What about home inspections?

 A: We strongly encourage a professional inspection by a licensed inspector and as buyer’s agents, have several that we can recommend. We write all offers to purchase contingent upon a home inspection, and are always present for them. We encourage buyers to be present during the inspection as well because it is very informative. We have had clients that, due to scheduling conflicts, couldn’t attend the inspection. There is a very detailed report written that can be emailed so we can handle this aspect of the process for you.



 Q. What is the next step?

 A. Call us to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve your home purchase goals.  Also, you can just submit your information on the “contact us” page, or just shoot off an email to us. All information will be kept strictly confidential and in our possession. We never sell your email or information to 3rd parties.





Greg & Dee Szablewski

Your Buyer Agency Team

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Important Tip

Get your Financing Preapproved!

It's more important now than ever before to get your financing pre-approved. Since the mortgage meltdown of 2008, homebuyer's must have "all the right stuff" in order get mortgage financing.


With that in mind, your mortgage pre-approval should be the FIRST thing you do.

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